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Day 8 – Leaving Vermont for Massachusetts


As we returned to our hotel last night there was the most tremendous storm, so much so that as we arrived, we rushed indoors and left some things in the car. Among them was a gift from Shelagh of some of her own hand spun and hand dyed wools and a crocheted pincushion – all so beautiful! Thank you so much. Now I have another new project!


“Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”. Do you know this delightful piece by Dr Seuss? I’m reminded of it day by day as we travel and discover new places, people and beautiful things.

Today as well as more covered bridges,flowers and fungi, we came across the Norman Rockwell Museum in Arlington where he lived and where I met a lovely old chap who had been one of Rockwell’s models. He showed me the painting done when he was just nineteen. I wish I had…

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How Perfect Am I?

Source of Inspiration


How arrogant I am to think
I know what is best for
anyone else. Is my life so
perfect that I believe
everyone should act as I do?

Each of us must play the game
with the pieces we were given
to use. Our rules of play may be
different, chosen to fit our
level of skill at the moment,
leading us forward with challenges
best suited for us as we are in the now.

Do not judge or advise
rather keep your focus
on your won progress
and let others do the
same. We all have an
inner voice to guide
and teach us. We each
have the perfect life plan…
mapped with experiences
we need to grow.

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Winners Announced In The Orchard of Lost Souls Giveaway

Reflections of a Book Addict

toolsnmI’m so sorry for the delay in posting winners!! The move took up WAY more of my time than I thought!

Two people have been chosen as winners in the The Orchard of Lost Souls giveaway!

Congratulations to:

  1. cmwriter who left a comment on September 17th (paperback)
  2. Jorie who left a comment on September 17th (hardcover)

Please contact me with your mailing address by Tuesday, October 15, 2013 to claim your prize.

Thank you to all who participated and left comments!

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