Winners Announced In The Orchard of Lost Souls Giveaway

Reflections of a Book Addict

toolsnmI’m so sorry for the delay in posting winners!! The move took up WAY more of my time than I thought!

Two people have been chosen as winners in the The Orchard of Lost Souls giveaway!

Congratulations to:

  1. cmwriter who left a comment on September 17th (paperback)
  2. Jorie who left a comment on September 17th (hardcover)

Please contact me with your mailing address by Tuesday, October 15, 2013 to claim your prize.

Thank you to all who participated and left comments!

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A Wednesday Experiment


I have been seeing some images and wondered how they were done, see if I could use that technique.  I still don’t know how they were done, but I have tried something new and I quite like the technique.

For this I have used photos that you have seen in the last couple of weeks, that way you can go back and see what the original looked like.  Now I am not saying that I think this is better, but it is an interesting thing to do.  Here let me show you the four images.

Do they look any different?

Really the only thing you should notice is that they are lighter.  I didn’t use curves or levels to achieve this, I find it can change too much.  For these I added a new layer, filled the layer with white, then I blended it with soft light mode, then changed…

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Ice Cream Weather Is Here! Grab A Sweater!

Texana's Kitchen

As cooler weather has started blowing in, everyone is extolling the virtues of stew, chili, and pots of soup.  And the folks that aren’t cooking those, are cooking apple this and pumpkin that.  What’s wrong with that, you ask?

Nothing, I say.

But what about the ice cream?

Yes, the ice cream.  I am not usually a big ice cream eater, but for some reason, I begin to crave it in the cold weather rather than the hot.  I have done much self-analysis and introspection, and decided that it’s either because I am crazy, or because of the winters in Texas.

Texas winters are severe—-the temperature drops to well below 97*and lasts for 6 whole days.

In a desperate bid to make the chill chillier, I enhance it with ice cream. And my favorite flavor is peppermint, thus dropping the chill factor even lower.

In a few weeks, I’ll likely dust off…

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