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This panoramic was taken by my brother, upon reaching the top of High Dune in The Great Sand Dunes National Park. I feel like I was surveying the country side.

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Glacier National Park As You’ve Never Seen Before, I Promise

Eric E Photo

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I had a conversation with a nice lady today about Glacier National Park. She REALLY wanted to visit that special place sometime in her life. Her smile was pure and I could tell her mind was dreaming of being there while talking with me. I’ve been to Glacier many times in my life and will lay eyes on this spectacular landscape many, many more times. If you’ve ever been there or seen images of this magical place you probably can visualize being there every time you see another image from the park. It is really that amazing!

What really struck me about our conversation is that she’s never seen a photo of Glacier National Park in her life. She’s dreamed of the place, she’s imagined being there, imagined smelling the forest, hearing the waterfalls and cascades, smelling the fields of wildflowers and imagined standing next to Lake McDonald…

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Weekend Wanderings – Jetty at Clifton Springs


Last weekend when we were at Ocean Grove we went over to Clifton Springs near Drysdale to look at what was left of an old jetty.

LeanneCole-4209We went at the wrong time of the day, midday, but we initially wanted to check out what it looked like and if it would be worth coming back to early the next morning.  Also, we wanted to find it so when we went back we didn’t want to lose time trying to find out where it was.

LeanneCole-4211We didn’t just look and go though, we had a walk around, took some photos.  I got so many new textures from this area of beach.  Every time I thought I had enough, I would see more.  We also saw some of the biggest dead jellyfish I have ever seen.

The image above is interesting.  These rocks looked natural, but they are covered in some thick…

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Traditional Duck Farming of Kerala

La Paz Group

If you visit Kuttanad, Kerala at a certain time of year, you are able to hear on the rice fields a noise one might not expect, the quacking of ducks. It is not the sound of a few ducks, but the sound of thousands. In Kuttanad when the harvest season is finished duck farmers move in, and take their flocks through the pre-designated rice fields for feeding.

Aby, a 38-year old duck farmer calculates that his 10,000 ducklings are worth around Rs. 24 lakh. According to him, if the ducks survive through the period, one can save up to Rs. 5 lakh a season, despite expenses for medicine and daily wages for his helpers.

This is a livelihood for many of the farmers, but their process differs greatly from many of the commercial duck farmers you will see in the United States. Some US duck farms can process up to…

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