romance and dressmaking – the dressmaking


We have left the ROMANCE behind us, the reason why I start to make my own garments – so now is’t time to show off all the fantastic creations I made – we start with the ones that I wore after 6pm.  The show stoppers and head turners.

Me photo modelling frame

I have also even been photo modelling – found this little photo with mom’s photos – something I had totally forgotten about – it must have been around 1975. My portfolio must have got lost in transit somehow. I must admit that I was good looker in those days. Haven’t I a bit of Greta Garbor over me in this photo … or ????? I wonder were I got lost ???? *laughing

Remember so well the suit I’m wearing .. it was pine striped the blouse was red and it’s a REAL Chanel gardenia – I wore it until it fall to pieces…

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One thought on “romance and dressmaking – the dressmaking

  1. viveka says:

    Thank you so much for reblogging me …. you made my day *smile

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