Caterpillar, Granny’s Mirror and Cor Serenata


1   Sitting looking at our one year old Malus, I was thinking how few leaves there were and that at the top there was a rather strange leaf. On closer inspection I found an enormous caterpillar, very beautiful in his own way but I’m not happy that he is demolishing the Crab Apple! I think it’s a Hawk moth caterpillar.

2   My Granny used to keep this little steel mirror in her handbag and, as a little girl,  I was allowed to get it out now and again. I loved the painted side . The other side is just plain.

3   Tonight, some of us went to meet Cor Serenata, the choir from Port Talbot with whom we are doing a concert tomorrow night. It was a delightful evening with them singing in the garden of the hotel and being much appreciated by the other guests. You…

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One thought on “Caterpillar, Granny’s Mirror and Cor Serenata

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