Summer Vacation 2013: Santa Cruz/Monterey Pt. 2

Ms. Jolly Blogger

Hi guys!

here’s the 2nd post in the Summer Vacation 2013 series.  Last time we left off in San Francisco.  Today we travel to Santa Cruz and Monterey!  Since we were up North near the coast, we just had to take advantage of the cool coastal breezes before going back home, so we made it a point to visit as many coastal cities as we could.  As far as Santa Cruz went, we agreed that we would only make a brief stop-over at the Boardwalk.  We still had to conquer a 6hr (traffic made 8! Grrr!!) drive back down south to L.A. area, so we were very limited on time.  But at least we were able to visit and walk around a bit and take some pictures.  Enjoy!

Santa Cruz

The drive from SF to Santa Cruz was so pretty!  Lots of coast line, green trees, lakes, forest…took this while on the freeway…

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