Kingfisher. . . . Three Meanings



This is the White Throated Kingfisher which is one of the three families of Kingfishers found in India.  This bird was very visible in Gujarat where Alhmedabad is located.  They live near water, perch on tree limbs from which they hunt the fish and aquatic insects.


From a perch, the King Fisher  spots a fresh water fish,Stork-billed_Kingfisher

dives in a flash towards its prey. . .


and rises triumphantly to return to its perch to devour the fish by swallowing it head first. This act of hunting can happen so quickly that all that is visible is a  flying blue flash and a splash.


Kingfisher number two is this airline which until 2012 was the second busiest in the country. There  was a financial crisis and a month long strike by the airline employees.  They were very upset and pointed fingers at Vijay Mallya, the owner, and his extravagant lifestyle…

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