Black & White Friday: Water Under The Bridge

Gracie Binoya Photography


I haven’t done any Black & White Fridays lately, and since I am trying to be good and consistent, here’s one which was taken two weeks ago. I went back to the park where we had our wedding photos taken. I needed some fresh images for the blog, plus it’s a really nice place to just be. I figured 5PM is a decent time to be there, there would still be enough sun, but not too harsh that it’s scorching hot. It was a beautiful day, the temperature was probably in the high 20’s (Celsius), and not humid either, it was the perfect park weather. As it turned out, it was also the perfect time and weather for weddings. There must have been 5 bridal parties at the park that day, with each of them in the same location as where I was thinking of shooting. And when I say…

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