Royal Poinciana Dragonfly


I love Royal Poinciana Trees, especially when they are in bloom. The branches and leaves are so soft and delicate and the flowers are amazingly bright and large. Sometimes the colors seem so bright in the daylight that you have to squint to let just enough color into your field of vision or else the beauty would be overwhelming. Well, Royal Poinciana trees are in bloom now and they are fabulous. The rain we’ve had has battered many of the flowers. This tree is a young one and only seems to be in the beginning stages of blossoming. This flower on the very top of the tree is just starting to bloom. When the petals are fully open they will reveal a pretty huge bright orange flower cluster. They are pretty enough to be scented like jasmine, orange blossoms or frangipani, but they are not scented. This dragonfly was happily…

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