Stressed Out

Mind Paths

Today’s Stress, Future’s Predicament

Strained as narrow beams supporting skyscraper workers,
beaten as door frames dangling during blizzard season,
frustrated as the inflexibility of law and ever-demanding society,isolated as a maple leaf floating on turbulent waves
people of today, pressure and stress under they crumble.

~ Tianjia Liu, 2012 ~

Author’s Note: The paradox of humanity is that with each step it advances, it also takes a small step backwards, struggling to catch up with itself. It seems that during the 21st century, each generation is more sleep-deprived that the last. With the speed technology becomes available to the public, people will always have more apps to try, games to play, places to visit, and gadgets to buy— in short, too many things to do in so little time. Humans possess an inherent need to be intelligent and competitive. Think about how humanity has evolved these past few centuries. In…

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