Royal Baby Arrives: Kate Middleton Delivers Male Heir To British Throne

Baby is named Kendall Charles Cambridge, delivered healthy and late.

LONDON:  Kate Middleton delivered at 12:05 PM London time, giving birth to a baby boy.Kate Middleton Delivers

According to medical officials, the baby, named Kendall Charles Cambridge, weight 8.0 pounds, 3 ounces and is 22 inches in length.

Both mother and child are doing well and recovering.  Members of the royal family are at the hospital including Queen Elizabeth herself.

“We are pleased to announce that, at present, the baby and mother could not be doing better.  The delivery went smoothly, and it was a splendid occasion for both mother and father,” said the leading Obstetrician, Dr. Strangesloove.

Prince William was reported by hospital officials to be extremely emotional.  Medical professionals believe this stems the medical condition called, ‘Labor Delivery Pains.’  This occurs when Fathers are within arm’s reach of a Mother when she is giving birth.

“He did not expect that…

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