Monsoon fever….A visit to Varandha Ghat

Le Pursuer

VarandhaGhat Water fall

Saturday morning…we a group of 10 all headed to long-planned and eagerly awaited trip to Varandha Ghat and Shivthar Ghal, long planning ? yes… for the home minister’s permission of course :). For working professional this kind of  break is immensely needed, to refresh and perhaps to rejuvenate self.

Journey started with jokes, picking up on someone and with heated discussions about liking and disliking. Often journey makes more memorable moments than the destination, isn’t it? While discussion was going on we reached to a beautiful dam, on the way to Varandha Ghat. The calm water and dam infrastructure created such a picturesque scenery to prove delight to eyes. Reminding the potential that things hold when they are calm. We spent sometime at the dam enjoying the scenery.

Dam On the way to Varandha Ghat
The way to Varandha Ghat is scenic throughout.  Surrounded by hills and nature elements. Our trip was taking turns as the…

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