Heading North


My friends!  Let’s catch up.

First of all, the children I’m babysitting are debating whether the youngest just took something out of a trashcan and ate it.  My question is:  How bad is this?  And does it change anything if [*FACT*] the trashcan is in front of a 24-hour bowling alley?

Second, metallic green beetles have been dive-bombing our house non-stop.  One landed on my head this morning and made me jump high enough to qualify for the NBA draft.  Then I saw it was two bugs stuck together and I screamed  (which probably disqualifies me from the NBA draft, so I guess it’s a wash).

Scott thinks they’re pelting the house as part of a bizarre mating ritual.  He thinks we we should leave them alone.  But that’s crazy, you guys.  If I’ve learned anything from babysitting, it’s this: when sexytimes are happening on the roof, you go…

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