Fake and Forced Fun is No Fun

Spirit Lights The Way

gallery1birdbeatSuzi wrote a post a few weeks ago about music being the universal language.

I agree.

With whole heart.

Music pulls us together, whether it’s a jazz trio, a drum circle on the beach, or an entire symphony offering a shared experience.

Attending concerts, especially outdoor concerts, is relaxing and energizing.

I seldom need an invitation to start dancing.

In fact, I sometimes dance in the ice cream aisle at Publix while perusing the freezer cases for buckets of Blue Bell Pralines and Pecan.  But only if there is a really good song playing over the loudspeakers.

Music connects us to the shared heart beat of life.


Except when it doesn’t.

A few weeks ago, we attended a Jimmy Buffett deck party at the Anna Maria Oyster Bar.  As we sat on the Halftime Deck celebrating our 29th Anniversary, we listened to Buffett tunes and watched people “trying too…

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