Poll Results: Favorite Cary Grant Film

The Warning Sign

North by Northwest

– North by Northwest: 10 votes
– Notorious: 8 votes
– Arsenic and Old Lace: 5 votes
– Charade: 4 votes
– Only Angels Have Wings: 3 votes
– His Girl Friday: 2 votes
– To Catch a Thief: 2 votes
– Bringing Up Baby: 1 vote
– The Philadelphia Story: 1 vote
– Suspicion: 1 vote

No surprise to see Hitchcock films go 1-2 here, but I would have pegged His Girl Friday to be ranked higher. Nice to see ten different films get votes though!

This Week’s Poll: This year’s Emmy nominations were announced last week. While there were a number of questionable nominations (see Sati’s post for the most glaring omissions), they seemed to hit most of the major players for Outstanding Drama. This week’s question is: what is your favorite show that was nominated for this year’s Outstanding Drama?

Have a great week, folks!

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