Travel Photography | Nagaland, India

from swerve of shore

The Naga chili, the world's hottest chili, in Nagaland, India. The chili is also known as the bhut jolokia.

So first things first. I’ve changed up the blog a bit. Now we’ve got REALLY BIG PICTURES. Which, seeing as I’m a photographer and all, seems only appropriate. I love looking at large photographs. Hopefully you do too. If you don’t. Well. What the hell is wrong with you?

Anyway. The photos here are all from Nagaland, India. Outtakes from an assignment I shot there late last year. See my previous post for those tearsheets. Nagaland is absolutely stunning. But nothing like the India I know and love. It’s more like a mountainous region in Myanmar or Thailand. And in fact, Kohima, where I was based, is barely a stone’s throw from the Burmese border. So it makes sense I guess. The locals I met even referred to the rest of India as “The Mainland”.

The photos here are all from around the time of the Hornbill Festival, which is…

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