My Sweetie

Gabriel Garbow | Artworks

I had the delight of painting my partner, Tony, at the co-op studio over the past two weeks.

The painting, while flawed, had a lot of nice things going on.  It just needed a little love from Photoshop to adjust the proportions.  Below is the resulting picture.

Tony Digitally Corrected - reduced

The colors are nice and the shadows are about the right darkness.  I’m especially pleased with the volume of the lips, and the shadow on the dark side of the nose.  Tony’s eyes in this picture are a bit larger than is anatomically accurate, but their depth kind of makes up for it.

The features needed a lot of digital modification to get right.  I used the lasso tool and the transform function liberally to change the placement and proportion of the face overall, and the eyes, especially.  The final piece is satisfactory.

However, it lacks a bit of the spark evidenced in…

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