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We went for the beaches, but were quickly mesmerized by the light.  The most magnificent hues of peach and soft pink gently caress the landscape each morning sending a wakeful greeting to everything it touches.


And each evening those same warm colors bid a peaceful farewell to each onlooker.  Each building, stack of hay, or mountain is painted in the warmth of the sun with the most opulent honey tone.  To capture the light and to do it justice is nearly impossible, but I assure you, it is one of the most indulgent ways to rise and one of the most tranquil ways to depart each day.

2013-06-19-mlrca_131       2013-06-19-mlrca_160

The island and her white, sandy beaches are beautiful.  Coves, hide-a-ways and secrets abound.  The gentle waves and turquoise waters are natural playgrounds for our children.  Not a word of complaint was uttered, no need to seek sleep, or alternative…

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