Alice and the Three Bears

Amateur Cartographer

20130720-175942.jpgPhotography © LR Sarbu

Sweet Tooth

There we were:
wrapped up nice and cozy in the winter
and all ready for a cellophane hibernation
with no expiration date (or at least one
that makes Twinkies look stale).

We were considered loud like astronaut blankets
or Eco-friendly bags of potato chips,
but even we set no paw in a movie theater,
because plastic is the best insulator
and we were too sleepy to see a film anyways
and baby bear was upside down and backwards.

Besides, the little one hated scary movies
since we told him about the time
a fairly feisty fairy with fiery hair
stole the oatmeal from his baby bowl.

So we hibernated safely,
wrapped daintily in plastic.
Or so we thought.

But a shrinkwrapped-cellophane-cave-bag
could not protect us from the appetite
of a Big, Bad Alice or Goldilocks
or whatever they call the troublemakers
written by name…

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