How to Not Cook like a College Student

As we have said before, anything is a piece of art!…even food! Just make your plate look nice and it will look like a painting doen by an artist!…
A huge thanks you to the blog: Things I’ve Learned 🙂

Things I've Learned


I have been a college student for three years, and through my eating habits, it shows. During college I have learned how to live off of lunch meat sandwiches, canned ravioli and Chipotle. Though I love all three of those things, I was kind of scared that if I didn’t start learning how to feed myself like a grown-up soon, my habits of living off of two-minute meals and takeout would carry on until the point where it was far past socially acceptable. With that in mind, I came up with my first skill I wanted to learn in my Things I’ve Learned challenge: how to not cook like a college student.


  1. Cook a home-cooked meal at least once a week
  2. Try to cook a variety of different styles/dishes


I want to emphasize that my cooking goal was to learn how to make reasonable homemade meals. With that in…

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